How to set up your own World Wide Web page

This document describes how to make your HTML documents available on the World Wide Web. This document does not cover how to write a web page file (called an "HTML" file), but you can find nice primers at the following links:


Uploading pages to your account

Once you have prepared some HTML files using a text editor, or a web page authoring tool, upload them to your web account using a program like Students should connect an FTP program to
Faculty and Staff should connect an FTP program to

When prompted for your username and password, enter your University of Hartford e-mail name and e-mail password.

Advertising your pages

Step 1

First, test your pages to make sure they are accessible and working.

Your home page must be named WELCOME.HTML as this is what the WWW server looks for automatically when someone attempts to connect to your directory.

Your home page's name is:
where username is your University of Hartford e-mail name.

You can test access to your homepage by using Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator.

Step 2

Advertise! Your link will automatically appear on the Web Server's main index pages within one day after you have successfully created your page(s). Click here for information on how to customize the link to draw attention to your page.
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