Installing WS_FTP

Step 1
Download WS_FTP from The Download Depot, at saving the file to the desktop. If your PC does not have an "unzipper" program installed on it, download and run the UNSTUFFIT installation program. If you need instructions, click here for Unstuffit Help.

The process will create an icon called "WS_FTP32" on your desktop.
Step 2
When you double-click this icon, it will decompress a folder called "WS_FTP32." The installation is complete. Move the folder called "WS_FTP" into your C drive. Double-click the "My Computer" icon, and then double-click the "C" drive. You can press and drag the folder into that open window.
Step 3
Open the folder again, and press and drag the icon called "WS_FTP32" out onto the desktop. This will serve as a shortcut to the application.

Connecting to your web account with WS-FTP

Step 1
Once you have downloaded WS-FTP onto your computer, you can transfer files between your computer and the web server. First, double-click the shortcut icon to open the application. Click the button that says "New."

Step 2
This set-up will be saved. You will only have to do this process once. You may now click the "OK" button to connect.

Lynn Thibodeau
Computer Support Specialist
University of Hartford Computer Services