To Install Unstuffit

Step 1
Download Unstuffit from The Download Depot at saving the file to the desktop.

This will produce an icon called "Stuffit32_10" on your desktop. When you double-click this icon, it will launch the StuffIt Expander Set-up Program.

Step 2
This window will let you know where the program will be saved on your hard drive. Accept all default settings and click "Install" to begin the process.
Step 3
When the installation is complete, click OK. You will have an open folder on your desktop. Close it. You will not need the icon called "Stuffit32_10" any longer. You may drag it into the Recycling Bin.

Now you can decompress any ZIP files on your computer by simply double-clicking them.

Lynn Thibodeau
Computer Support Specialist
University of Hartford Computer Services