Updating your Macintosh OS X computer

This document describes how to run Software Update on your Macintosh OS X computer. You can also configure Mac OS X to automatically download updates and notify you when they are ready to install.

Running Software Update

Step 1  
  Click the Apple Menu and select Software Update....
  Software Update will contact Apple searching for updates.
Step 2  
  If there is new software available for your computer, it will be listed. Note that Apple does not distinguish between routine software updates which fix bugs or improve software features from critical security updates. If any of the updates are listed as "Security Updates" or "Mac OS X Updates", you should be sure that those are checked. Other updates are optional, but generally, it is easiest, and a good idea to install all available updates.

Once you have checked the items you want to install, click the Install # Items button.

You may be prompted to restart your computer.


Configuring Automatic Updates

Step 1  
  Click the Apple Menu and select System Preferences....
Step 2  
  Double-click the Software Update icon.
Step 3  
  When the Software Update window appears, check Check for updates and select Daily or Weekly.

Also check Download important updates in the background.

Close the window.

On the schedule you selected, OS X will quietly contact Apple's servers to check for any updates. If updates are available, OS X will automatically download them and notify you that they are ready to be installed. If necessary, you will be prompted to save your files and restart your computer.

Note: You can still run a "manual" Software Update as described earlier in this document rather than waiting for Software Update to check for updates. You may wish to do this if there's a "new vulnerability" being reported in the news that affect Macintoshs and you want to be sure your computer is updated as quickly as possible.


Where to get help
If you need help updating your computer's operating system, contact the Computer Support Line at x5999.