To Install QVT/Term

Step 1
Download QVT/Term from The Download Depot at saving the file to the desktop.

If your PC does not have an "unzipper" program installed on it, download and run the UNSTUFFIT installation program. UNSTUFFIT is also available at The Download Depot. If you need instructions on downloading UNSTUFFIT, click here for Unstuffit Help.

When the file finishes downloading, there will be a new icon on your desktop called "qvtterm_95nt." Double-click this icon to extract QVT/Term's files into a folder called Qvtter~1.

Step 2
Open the Qvtter~1 folder and double-click the "Set-Up" icon. This is the right "Set-Up" icon:

This launches the QVT Net Start-up Program. This program is designed as a Wizard, which means that it will talk you through the installation.

Step 3
The QVT Net Start-up Program will ask you questions about where you would like to install the components for the application. The default location that it suggests will work perfectly. It may also ask you if it can create the folder it will need. Simply click the "Yes" button, and the set-up program will do the rest.


Step 4
You will have to restart your computer in order for the installation to be complete. The Set-Up Program will prompt you to do this. Simply click the radio button that says, "Yes, I want to restart my computer now." The Set-Up Program will also open a window with the QVT/Term files in it. If this window blocks the Reboot System dialog box, you may move it out of the way.
Step 5
When the computer is running again, you will have two open folders. Right-click on the "Terminal" icon, and select "Create Shortcut." Press and drag the shortcut icon called out onto the desktop. This will create a shortcut to the application.

You will not need the folder called "Qvtter~1" or the icon called "qvtterm_95nt" any longer. You may close the open folder and drag it and "qvtterm_95nt" into the Recycling Bin.

Connecting to the VAX with QVT/Term

Step 1
Once you have downloaded QVT/Term onto your computer, you can connect to the VAX. Double-click the shortcut icon to open the application. Select the "File" and choose "Open." Type "" onto the line that says "Host Name or IP Address." And then select "default" under the "Configuration" column. When this is done click "Ok."

Step 2
The terminal will prompt you for your Username.

This will connect you to the VAX, and you may access all of the features of your vax account such as e-mail, SAS, SPSS, programming languages, etc.

Lynn Thibodeau
Computer Support Specialist
University of Hartford Computer Services