Systems and Network Outages

Systems and Network Outages

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Time of problem 9/1/2014 approx. 11am - 6:45pm
Unplanned outage -- unable to log into WiFi
Item affected WiFi
Description of problem Service not available - unexpected. Problem reported via online problem reporting system at 2:28pm.
Cause Under investigation -- working with system vendor to resolve the issue.

Problem was that Aruba RADIUS authentication server was resolving Active Directrory servers via DNS name rather than by IP address. It turns out that the Aurba RADIUS server does not cache the address and thus operates inefficiently. The increased load as students returned to campus drove it to failure (RADIUS server would crash due to backlog).
Solution Technician on site. TBD

Reconfigured Aruba RADIUS server to query Active Directory servers via their IP addresses.
Discussion During the summer, we installed a new authentication system for the WiFi system that will allow for new functionality (such as connecting gaming systems, Roku, AppleTV, etc., to the network via WiFi). Although the system worked fine during the summer, it did not work well under heavy load (there was no practical way to test this). A configuration change allows the system to support the University's "normal" demands of it.

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