Adding your home page to the web server's index

University of Hartford students, faculty, and staff can create web pages in their web/e-mail accounts. Once your page is properly set up, a "robot" which runs early each morning will find your web page and add it to one of the web server's index pages. If you are a student, your link will automatically appear on the Student Web Pages page. If you are a Faculty or Staff member, your link will automatically appear on the Faculty and Staff Web Pages page.

You don't have to do anything to appear on the index - it will happen automatically by the following day if you have set up your web page correctly.

Adding a topic or comment
You may wish to add a topic or comment to be displayed next to your name which helps to attract attention to your web pages (i.e., Dave Kelley's topic is "Dave's Llamas") . To do this, simply create a text file in your web account named WWW.SUBJECT (create this file on your computer and then upload it to the web server like any other web page.) Simply type your comment on the first line of the file. The next time the web page robot runs, it'll create your link on the index page with your comment displayed next to it in parentheses.

University of Hartford Information Technology Services