About HawkMail

A new system:
HawkMail is the University of Hartford's new email system.

Moving your account to the new system:
All email accounts created after February 1st, 2013 are created on HawkMail. If you have a University email account that is on the old system (you had it before February 1st, 2013), you are invited to move it to the new system in order to enjoy its benefits, such as:

  • a better web interface
  • more account space
  • better integration with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)

All accounts must be moved to the new HawkMail system by May 15, 2014.

How to move your account:
Moving an email account can be a complicated thing, but we've tried to automate it as much as possible. If you only use Webmail to access your University of Hartford email account, switching to the new system should be a snap -- just move your account by following the instructions at the links below, and start using the new system's web interface at
http://HawkMail.hartford.edu (instead of WebMail). If you have configured your personal computer or mobile device(s) to connect to your email account, you will need to reconfigure them to connect with the new system -- we have written "how to" instructions for many computer email programs and mobile devices.

There are two "how to" documents which explain how to move an email account, a comprehensive document (intended primarily for faculty and staff and their computer support specialists), and an abbreviated version for students (generally, moving student accounts is less complicated):

How to move your email account to the new HawkMail system (abbreviated version for students)

How to move your email account to the new HawkMail system

Links to documents describing how to set up computers and mobile devices are on the "How to..." page in the "University email" section:

How to...

Getting help:
Students can call or visit the Computer Support Center, located in the Computer Center room CC113 on weekdays (main level of Mortensen Library on weekends), or at 860.768.5999.

Faculty and staff should contact their college's computer support specialist, or call the Computer Support Center at 860.768.5999.


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