Configuring Windows Live Mail for HawkMail


These instructions are for configuring an email client to work with the University's new HawkMail email system. If your University of Hartford email account is on the "old" email system, you must move it to the new HawkMail system before using these instructions.

If you are unsure which system your email account is on, you can check here:

For information about the new HawkMail system, and how to move your email account to it, click here:

Windows Live Mail is pre-installed on many Windows Computers. If you do not find it on yours, you can download it at:

Start Windows Live Mail.

Select the "Accounts" tab, and then click the "Email +" button.
  • Your full University of Hartford email address, including the "" part
  • Your University of Hartford email password
  • Be sure "Remember this password" is checked
  • Enter your name as you'd like it to appear on outgoing messages
  • Check "Manually configure server settings

Then click "Next."

  • Incoming Server type as IMAP (you may also choose POP, see explanation at right)
  • Incoming Server address:
  • Outgoing Server address: (may also use under certain circumstances, see explanation at right)
  • Outgoing Port as 587 (or must be 25 if using
  • Check for "Requires a secure connection (SSL)"
  • Check "Requires authentication"

Then click "Next."

Choosing IMAP or POP
Choosing IMAP keeps your email stored on the University's server. Advantages to choosing IMAP over POP are that all of your computers, mobile devices, and the HawkMail web interface at see all of your messages, however, there is a limit to the amount of storage on the server (500MB). An advantage to POP is that it downloads your messages to your computer's hard drive, and removes them from your account, so your email storage space is limited only by the amount of disk space you have on your computer, but once downloaded, you cannot see those message on a mobile device nor in HawkMail's web interface -- they will only be accessible on the computer.

Choosing or
If your computer is portable (e.g., a laptop), you must use as your outbound mail server since it will work whether your computer is on campus or off ( will not work while you are off campus) -- however, there are limits to how many messages you can send per hour, and outgoing messages are scanned for spam. If your computer is used ONLY ON CAMPUS, you may use as your outbound mail server, and there is no limit to the number of messages you can send.

If choosing

  • Set Port to 25
  • UNcheck "Requires a secure connection (SSL)
  • UNcheck "Requires authentication"

If in doubt, use as shown below.

Click "Finish."
Your mail will begin downloading after a few moments.
Suggested: Send yourself a test message to ensure that you can send and receive email.

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