HawkMail Account Quota

This document describes how email account quota works in HawkMail.

These instructions are for the University's new HawkMail email system. If your University of Hartford email account is on the "old" email system, you must move it to the new HawkMail system before using these instructions.

If you are unsure which system your email account is on, you can check here: https://ned.hartford.edu/whitepages/where_is_my_mail.html

For information about the new HawkMail system, and how to move your email account to it, click here: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/www/howtos/hawkmail


Notes for those who have moved their account from "Legacy" email to Hawkmail:
  • Your account storage has increased to 500MB.

  • Unlike the "Legacy" email system which checked your quota status once per week and emailed you warnings if you were over, HawkMail keeps a near-real-time running tally of your space usage and acts immediately as described below.

HawkMail monitors your email account's storage space usage continuously, and acts as described below:

Account space usage   What HawkMail does
Account is filled to less than 90% of capacity >> Nothing
Account is between 90 and 100% of capacity >> Sends a notification message that your account is nearly full
Account is between 100% and 110% of capacity >> Sends a notification message; account can receive email but cannot send mail
Account is over 110% capacity >> Sends a notification message; account cannot receive nor send email

Messages from HawkMail:

HawkMail will send a message once per day any time an account is over 90% filled to capacity that looks like this:

Determining your email account space utilization:

You can check your email account's space utilization a number of ways. Note that the system periodically updates the utilization information, so there is a delay between when you delete email, and when the utilization gauge reflects the change in space used (typically less than 30 minutes).

You can check your account's space utilization via the web, and in many email clients. Instructions for checking space utilization via HawkMail's web interface, and in Outlook 2010 for Windows are below:

Using HawkMail's web interface:

Log into HawkMail at https://HawkMail.hartford.edu.

Hover the mouse over your account name. A pop-up will appear showing your account space usage.

Using Outlook 2010 on Windows:

A small meter appears in the lower left corner of the window.

Hover the mouse over the meter to reveal a pop-up with a little more detail.

If a meter does not appear in the corner, RIGHT-click on the status bar at the bottom of Outlook and click "Quota Information" to turn it on.

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