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Welcome to the Download Depot!

The Download Depot is a selection of popular internet/intranet share-ware and free-ware software collected from the internet and gathered together in one place. The purpose of the Depot is as follows:

Here you will find software for Microsoft Windows95 and up, and AppleOS. If you don't see something here that you think should be here, or come across a new version of software that should be updated here, send an e-mail message to for consideration (include the URL to the software's download site).

Things you should know about this page:

  1. The copyright of all software provided here is maintained by the authors of the software; the software is provided here as a convenience.

  2. Most of the Windows software packages are provided in ready-to-use executable format - that is - if your browser asks you if you want to "save" or "execute" the file, you can just execute it, and the installation program will begin automatically after the download completes. Some programs are provided in compressed "ZIPped" format. For ZIPped files, you should create a new folder on your hard disk for the software and save the ZIPped file to it. Then use an "unZIPper", such as the Unstuffit program offered in the Utilities section of this page, to decompress it. Usually you end up with a ready-to-run program, or an installer program that you must run.

  3. Most AppleOS software packages are provided in ".hqx" format. Some programs are offered in BIN format, or ".smi" format as indicated.

  4. The software on this page is only available to computers on campus, and off-campus users connected via the University's dial-up PPP system.

The columns:

The name (and sometimes version number) of the software package. This is the clickable link that you use to download the software kit.
A brief description of what the program is or does.
As of . . .
The date we retrieved this software from its source.
A link to the location where we found and downloaded the software (you may have to scroll your browser page to the right to see this column.) You may want to follow this link to find out about more products that are available from the author of the software package, or to find a newer (or older) version of the software, or to look for on-line documentation, etc.

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