Connecting a Macintosh Computer to HawkNet

Click the System Preferences icon.
Click the Network icon.
If you are already connected to Hartford's network via WEP ("uhart" or "uhartford"), click Advanced.
Click "uhart" or "uhartford" and then the "-" (minus) button to remove it. Repeat for the other network ("uhart" or "uhartford") if needed.
Click the "+" (plus) button.
In Network Name, type hawknet.
Set Security to WPA2 Enterprise.
In User Name, type your University of Hartford email name (just the name without the "" part).
In password, type your University of Hartford email password.
Click Add.
Click OK.
Click the Network Name selection box to open it...
...and choose hawknet.
Click Continue.
Enter your Macintosh's (not your University of Hartford credentials) privileged Name and Password, and click OK.
Click Apply and then close the System Preferences window.
University of Hartford Information Technology Services