Connecting an Android Gingerbread (2.x) Phone to HawkNet

Get into "settings mode" on the device. How to do this varies from device to device, but there is usually an icon labelled "Settings." The icon might look something like this:
Choose "Wireless & networks."
Choose "Wi-Fi settings."
Delete any existing connections to "uhart" or "uhartford" by holding down your finger in them until a menu pops up...
...and clicking "Forget network." Repeat for "uhart" or "uhartford" if needed.
Choose "hawknet."
Enter your University of Hartford email name (just the name without the "" part).
Then, press on the screen and slide it upward to reveal the "Wireless password" field.
Enter your University of Hartford email password. Then press "Connect."
The device should now show that it is connected to "hawknet." Press the Home button (usually looks like a little house) to exit setings mode.
University of Hartford Information Technology Services