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How to put a counter or clock on your web page

You can display a counter on your page by adding the following to your HTML code for the page:

         <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=b">

There are currently 5 counter styles available which are selected by the "dd=" part of the tag. To get you started, below are examples of of the five counter styles, how to call them, and how to display time and date:

     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=a"> yields 
     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=b"> yields 
     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=c"> yields 
     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=d"> yields 
     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=e"> yields 
     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=a|display=clock"> yields 
     <IMG SRC="/htbin/count.exe?dd=a|display=date">  yields 

For more details and options available for the counter, you can click HERE to go to the web counter author's instruction page.

Note: The counter for any page not accessed for 30 days will be reset to 0.

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