Pictures from 2010:
This was a good year. We filled the trailer twice and distributed everything except a broken TV and a hula hoop. We had lots of help from Professor Shepela's class and a few faculty, staff, and students--see the pictures below. We even had a faculty/staff sale that raised $100 for Project Horizon. Thanks everyone,
but a special thanks to Fallon Moving, who loaned us the trailer that made this possible

These items were collected by students in Professor Shepela's class before May 10, but no one had pictures to share. We are close to the first full load

These are 12 of the 16 boxes of food distributed to the Manchester Area Council of Churches Food Pantry and the Salvation Army.

Nicole Schillizzi with bear on left. Hannah Kluger and friends above just before all the non-graduating students had to leave.

Above: Professor Owens in the truck and some of Sharon Shepela's students: Hannah, Jackie Luchsinger, Regina Roberts, David Janson, and Jacqueline Preziosa. Professor Owens delivered a van-full of items to Gilead Community Services in Middletown.

Robert Deschenes and Chris Nicotera of the UHart Grounds Department were awesome! They collected lots of things and helped load them into the trailer.

Above is the Vecinos Unidos van being packed up.

It was finally packed, but they still had two people to add.

Here is the view from the driver's seat and it was crowded inside! They came back the next day with the van and a bigger truck to get some couches and the bear. See the picture to the right. The van was also filled again with clothes and other goodies--see below.

That really emptied out the trailer, but we had one last day to collect, Graduation Day and some great helpers--see below right. Matt helped all day. After the ceremony Professor Wetherbee came, then Professor Grantham (on tailgate) came with a truck and daughter Annie (on toolbox). We refilled our trailer again!

After Graduation Day the Salvation Army came on Monday and took lots of things, but left even more because we were the last stop of the day. The next day Professors Shepela and Stewart (no pics) cleaned and organized the remainder for a trailer sale, which raised $100 for Project Horizon. Then the Salvation Army returned again, but still without room for the couches. The "A Hand Up" group came to the rescue and took three couches and a few other items--see the picture on the right. When they left, we only had the few items shown below. Did we trash them? No way! See the last pictures below.

Professor Stewart lives on a highway, so he loaded the leftovers on his car...

and put them by the road. They were gone in an hour!!
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