Above: Amy Thomas & Jessica Crawford sit for the last time on their couch. Upper Right: Helen Raisz and Charles Todd move the couch to the truck below. On the right Michelle Troy brings some more goodies, as does Jessica below.

Front row: Tim Black, Marcia Moen, Danielle Revels, Danielle DeVita, Jessica Crawford
Back row: Bill Major, Justin Isaacs, Sean Owens, Carl Nehm, Josh Magee, Sharon Shepela

Most of the food from the last day went to the Catholic Refugee Services, but a couple of boxes went to one of the Community Renewal Team Programs. Much more food from the previous week of collecting went to several other groups.

Brian Kavanagh '66 (left) of Hartford Catholic Worker House takes a load of furniture. With him are student volunteers (l-r) Danielle Revels, Josh Magee, and Justin Isaacs, and Professor Sharon Shepela.(photo from UHA Office of Communications)

All but two of these items went out on the last day, as well as another couch from the trailer.

Al Chase from The Bridge Family Center takes most of the last day things.

A few 2006 'Stash It' Pictures

Susan Randolph, Wendy Ollendorf, Justin Isaacs, and Jeff Ollendorf.

Charles Ross, Wendy Ollendorf, Jeff, Ollendorf, and Marcia Seabury.


Jeff & Wendy Ollendorf, Justin Isaacs, Sherry Buckberrough, Marcia Seabury, Charles Ross, and Tim Black.


And one picture from our very first attempt in 2004.