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This sale is from 3-5pm on Friday, May24 at the location below at the University of Hartford. The truck is behind Konover Campus Center. Park in Lot F.


The (foam) beanbag chairs are free. The white chair ($3) has one leg missing and has some dirt on front.

The purple chair ($5) is in good condition. The top "rocking" chair is $2. The "gaming" chair under it is free.

The small black futon ($4) works well. The foam mattress (free) would fit on it, but is a bit long. The couch is free.

This TV ($10) works as well as can be tested at trailer (good color, stable image). It was a remote. The black table is 50 cents.

The office chairs are okay ($4 each). The green chair is okay ($3).

The fan is fine ($3), as is small microwave it is sitting on ($5). Lamp is good ($2). The white microwave has broken rotator, but does heat (free). The shelves are $1 each. The formica table is in good condition ($5).

This couch is free. It has a worn spot on one arm and some dirt on top and one arm. It would probably clean up well.

The speakers are untested--small Magnavox speakers have no specs and free, but larger Pioneers are 160 W max power and 8 ohm impedence ($2--take a chance). The HP printer-scanner (Photosmart C4280) on top of the refrigs is free, but missing the power cord. The refrigerators work-- smaller is $4 and larger is $6. Chair is $2.

TV is untested. Waste baskets are free. Table below TV has some bubbles on top surface ($2). Lamp is free. Brown "shelving" (??) is free. The white partition is $4.

Both chairs are $2.

White shelves are $4. Vacuums are working and cleaned. Small one is $1 and larger one is $8, but missing its tools. Printer ($2) on shelves is HP Deskjet D1560 and reported as "working" and takes cartridges 22 (color) and 21 (black), but needs computer2printer cable.. Red folding chair is $1. The stand of black, canvas drawers is $1, as are the tall lamps behind the yellow vac.