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Rachel Fales: Management, Promotion, Fundraising, Stagehand, Production
                        Past Internships:   BlueNote Records, SNET Oakdale Theater
                        Other Info: Program Council Concert Chair, MEISA VP

J. Lelan Ywarsky: Publicity, Advertising, Public Relations, Media, Web Services
                       Phone: (860) 768-7189
                       Past Internships: U of H office of Communications, Hartford Symphony Orchestra
                       Other Info: Hartt Student Council , Rundown

Keith Distel: Talent Buying, Managing, Artist Booking, Tour Coordination
                       Past Internships: Meadows Music Center, Clearchannel Entertainment
                       Other Information: Hawks Nest General Manager, Booking for Classical Marimba Player Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic

Christen Eure: Not for Profit, Fundraising
                       Past Internships: Reno (Nevada) Phillharmonic, Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
                       Other Information:   Hartt Student Council, MEISA Secretary

Rachel Yacouby: Not for Profit, Theater Managment, Box Office Management
                       Email: ryacouby@admin.fsu.esu
                       Past Internships:   Bushnell Theater Box Office, Front of House and Development at the Bushnell. I am currently a grad student in the School of Theatre at Florida State University.

Rachel Scarpati: Talent Buying, Artist management, Promotions, Advertising, Public Relations
                       Past Internships:The Finger Lakes Radio Group
                      Other Information: Program Council Talent Buyer for Java City, Hawk's Nest General Manager, Webmaster for MEISA and Program Council, Rokitpromo Sales Representative, Meisa VP, Administrative Office Assistant, Admissions Counselor Assistant


Charlie Owens: Executive Director, Hartford Symphony Orchestra
                      Email:         Phone:  (860) 246-8742, ext. 300
                      Other Positions: Dir. External Affairs, Wadsworth Athenaeum; Dir. of Marketing, Hartford Symphony
                                                   Marketing/Public Relations: Cleveland Playhouse, Cleveland Orchestra,
                                                    Columbus Symphony, American Symphony

Sonny Dean: Director of Marketing, Hartford Symphony Orchestra
                       Email:    Phone:  (860) 246-8742, ext. 309

Eric Peltier, Hartt Class of 1998: Rock Department Manager, Music Syndicate, New Jersey
                       Other Positions: Independent Promotion, radio and artist management; WCCC radio, Island
                                                    Records/Polygram Music

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