Important Links

*This is content that will change based on class discussions.*

The History of the Internet

Just what it sounds like. This is a great site for the timeline of the invention of the internet and the technology related to that.

PC Webopedia home page

A great resource for figuring out what everything means. This site allows you to type in technical terms - like a dictionary - and get the definitions in "human" terms. The definitions have links within them to terms that may not be so non-technical.

Nvu Download Site

This is a really helpful tool for creating web pages.  It’s a free program that is easy to use and understand.  While you are welcome to use any program you would like to complete the page, this is the one that I will recommend.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Basic text list of the tags used to create a web page. It is a handy reference for anyone who is just learning - or going back to - web creation.

Attachments in Webmail

Step by step directions for sending attachments in Webmail.

University Policy on Student Illness

Read this memo from the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs concerning the University's policy on student illness. It is your responsibility to know this information.