Operating Systems


What does an Operating System do?

1)      Acts as an interface between the user and the machine

a)      how are commands entered?

i)        Objects

ii)       Command Lines

2)      Controls the actions of a machine

i)        internal services

(1)   system resources (disk space and memory, processor time)

(a)    Multitasking

(2)   equipment management

(3)   input and output

ii)       external services

(1)   a way to select and work with programs

(2)   maintain a file system

(3)   control access to items

3)      Controls function

i)        what software is compatible

ii)       provide a common appearance to programs


What are the Operating Systems out there?

Disk Operating System (a Microsoft product)

Windows 3.x

Windows 9.x

Windows XP

Windows ME

Windows NT

Windows 2000

MacOS (1984, Lisa and the 1st GUI)

Novell Netware




        Used to be Command line, but adding patches and add-ins can make it a GUI.

        Bold indicates Networking Operating Systems