CSI and Criminal Justice


            One way to pursue a career like the roles we see portrayed on the hit series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, is to study criminal justice.  A major in criminal justice emphasizes an understanding of both the criminal justice system and criminal behavior.  Currently I am pursuing my dream of, in real life not television, becoming a crime scene investigator, or like Greg Sanders (from CSI) a lab tech.  I am majoring in criminal justice as the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut.  I am now finishing up my first semester, and it was awesome.  The classes I took weren’t just classes that I felt I was learning absolutely nothing that pertained to my future goals.  My first semester the classes I took were the following: Introduction to Computers, Rhetoric, Language and Culture, American Government, Social Responses to Crime, and Introduction to Philosophy.  Rhetoric, Language and Culture is a general education class taken by all students at the University that helps develop writing and researching skills, but all of the other courses, in some way or another, pertained to my major.  Introduction to Computers is a class that helps students to become familiar with computers and their different functions, and teaches students how to use the different functions.  This is helpful to my major because technology is a largely growing field, as so isn’t criminal justice.  Computers are being used in so many different ways concerning police work.  Fingerprints can be entered into a database to find any possible matches, as so can DNA.  This can help to find suspects faster, reducing crime at a faster rate than ever before.  SO knowing simple computer operations is extremely helpful.

            American Government is the first for many government classes that I will have to take.  American government teaches the way laws are made and passed. The main idea of this course is to explain to students the basic structure of the government.  This class leads to other courses that I will take in the future.  Those classes will be more specific, focusing on laws and government.  Social Responses to Crime is a course that explains what police work is, the structure of law, and the courts process.  This class is obviously extremely helpful in that it gives you a view into what you are getting yourself into with a career in criminal justice.  Honestly, it reinforced my career choice.  Introduction to Philosophy is a great class for anyone to take that is going to working with adamit liars, such as police work.  This course teaches you how to manipulate your words and speech, without really saying anything at all.  It also taught students about the history of Ancient Greece and its culture.

            Criminal Justice is a growing major.  More and more people are enrolling to colleges with criminal justice as their major.  Many say this is because of television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law and Order, Cold Case, and Without a Trace.  According to “The Princeton Review” sociology is one of the top ten most popular majors.  Criminal Justice is a major under the Sociology department. 

            Just like the criminal justice major and it’s increasing popularity, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s ratings have been increasing, beginning with it’s first season.  Refer to the following chart:


First Season ratings


Show Title






Friends and Lovers



Unfriendly Skies



I-15 Murders



Farenheit 932



Too Tough to Die






Evaluation Day




            Therefore, Criminal Justice is a major with which you can only grow as the field itself is growing.  So if you’re as interested in this show as I am, and feel the career fits you, GO FOR IT!!! You won’t regret it!