*Meet the Cast*





~Gil Grissom~



Real Name:  William Petersen

Gil Grissom is the leader of this CSI team.  His specialty is entomology, which is the study of insects and bugs.  Gil is a level 3 CSI.  Before working for the Las Vegas Crime Lab, Gil was the youngest Coroner in the L.A. County's history, at 22 years of age.  Grissom's work is his life.  If he's not working overtime on a case, then you can find Grissom at "Bug Convention" and studying the newest editions of science journals. 



~Catherine Willows~



Real Name: Marg Helenberger


Catherine Willows is an ex-stripper turned CSI.  Catherine worked at a stripe joint in order to support her daughter and her education, after her husband left her (better he left).  Catherine worked for the Las Vegas Crime Lab for ten years before becoming a level 3 CSI.  Catherine's specialty is Medical Technology. 


~Warrick Brown~


Real Name: Gary Dourdan


Warrick Brown is the only member of the CSI team that was born and raised in Las Vegas.  Warrick Brown is a level 3 CSI and his specialty is Finger Print Analysis.  You need to find a print... he can find it for you!  One of Warrick's faults is that he was addicted to gambling, which almost cost him his job.  Thanks to the help of faithful Gil Grissom, Warrick was able to kick the habit. 


~Nick Stokes~


Real Name: George Eads


Nick Stokes is a level 3 CSI.  Nick is kind of Gil's little shadow.  Nick is always looking for Grissom's approval, which causes him to make some mistakes sometimes.  Overall, Nick's a young CSI trying to find his wings.



~Sara Sidle~


Real Name: Jorga Fox


Sara Sidle was a student of Gil Grissom's from his teaching days before taking his position at CSI.  Sara was the last addition the CSI team.  Sara is an intelligent young CSI, with a promising future of being the female equivalent of Gil Grissom, minus the bug fascination.  Sara has no outside life, and many times gets emotionally attached to the cases she works on.  This sometimes proves to be a problem; one time causing her to hear the victim's screams in her sleep.


~Greg Sanders~



Real Name: Eric Szmanda

Greg Sanders began his career with the Las Vegas Crime Lab as a corky lab technition, analyzing all of the evidence the CSI's brought to him.  As of late, Greg has been beginning to work out in the field.  Now, we get to see the more serious side of Greg.


~Captain Brass~



Real Name: Paul Guilfoyle


Captain Brass has been a homicide detective for the Las Vegas Police Department for 20 years. Brass is a sort of administrator to the CSI team, working side by side with the CSI's. 



~Doctor Al Robbins~


Real Name: Robert David Hall


Dr. Robbins worked as a general practitioner for 20 years, before HMO's forced him to close his clinic.  Doctor Robbins then became an Assistant  Coroner in Arlington, Virginia, out of academic curiosity.  After two years he had worked his way up to Coroner.  He remained in Virginia for four years before transferring to Las Vegas, where he has been Chief Medical Examiner for the last five years.



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