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To help save City Zoo, the Mayor hired a company called Zoo Optimizing and Organizing, Inc. (also called ZOO, Inc. or simply, ZOO) to study the zoo and its animals. The company must propose a plan to the Major showing how to improve seven animal habitats at City Zoo. ZOO experts know that animals are specialized to their habitats so zoos are responsible for creating the right habitat for the right animal.

You and your classmates are employees at ZOO.  The employees at ZOO are one of three experts: zoologist, habitat specialist, or public relations expert.

You and two other classmates will form a team comprised of one of each expert.  There will be seven teams all together.  You will  collaborate with your team members to learn about your animal and its habitat. You must create a plan for an improved habitat for your animal that will be presented to the Mayor.  Your teacher is the Mayor!

Your plan proposal needs to consist of these five items: 

GEM: Design a company logo for Zoo Optimizing and Organizing, Inc.