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  1. Form teams (with teacher help). 
  2. Decide roles for each member (zoologist,  habitat specialist, public relations expert).  Remember to brainstorm, collaborate, build consensus and listen to each other! Congratulate each other on your new roles!
  3. Choose animal (pick a card). 
  4. Pick up folder.
    • Print out a team members sheet. Think of a team name. Fill out team members sheet and place it in your folder.
    • Write your team name on the tab and on the  front of your folder. If you have time, make it fancy!

  1. Research your animal, its habitat, and general zoo information. Help each other! Your research will overlap!

The Big Zoo

Wild Animals Online


San Diego Zoo

National Geographic

America Zoo

Animal Diversity

Penguin Adaptations

Philadelphia Zoo Habitats


Please use the books and magazines on the cart in the classroom,  use the library search tool to find other books relating to your role, and if you would like to search on the Internet, please see the teacher to work together.

    • WAT?: Can you describe an animal without also describing its habitat? Try it! Why is it so difficult?
    • WAT?: What might go wrong if an animal's habitat was altered? Write about it from the animal's point-of-view.

  1. Collaborate with your group so that all members know as much as possible about your animal, its habitat, and zoos in general. This will help you when you make your presentation to the Mayor.
    • WAT?: What does this idiom mean: "Two heads are better than one!"

  1. Type descriptions: each expert should type their own.

  1. Draw your animal. Please see your teacher for paper.
    • GEM: Draw a few animals in the correct proportion to your poster-size habitat, cut them out, and put them in your habitat for the presentation!

  1. Draw habitat. Please see your teacher for poster board. Must have a rough copy on scrap paper first!

  1.  Create a script for oral report, with parts for you and your teams members.

  • Get books from local public library.
  • Visit a zoo and take digital pictures to use in your project.
  • Create a PowerPoint slide show.