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(I will modify the following rubric to reflect this WebQuest: Rubric Sample for SDU Webquest Site)

The rubric below from is another style to use:

Group Work -- Each student is graded by the group.
1 point -- Student did not participate.
2 points -- Student participated to a small degree.
3 points -- Student offered a few helpful thoughts and ideas.
4 points -- Student offered opinions and ideas that helped others a great deal.

Research (to be graded by teacher and student together)
1 point -- Student used one or two resources.
2 points -- Student used a few resources, including bookshelf and online resources.
3 points -- Student used a variety of bookshelf and online resources.
4 points -- Student went out of the way to gather resources.

Written Work (to be graded by teacher)
1 point -- Student made minimal effort, copied much material from sources.
2 points -- Student made an effort to put material into his or her own words.
3 points -- Student had original thoughts and took the time to organize material.
4 points -- Student wrote and organized the article, drawing on many resources.

Oral Presentation (a consensus grade for each group from classmates and teacher)
1 point -- Student put in little preparation, stumbled over material.
2 points -- Student did a good job but did not make extra effort.
3 points -- Student presented informative and well-planned material.
4 points -- Student's and group's extra effort was obvious to all.