Webquest How-To Guide

(print this page to keep in your folder)


ü      To navigate around your webquest, which is simply a website, use the browser back and forward arrows usually found at the upper left of your screen.


ü      First, read through the ‘Save the Zoo’ webquest. Click the menu boxes on the blue strip in number order. Give yourself 15 minutes to do this.



WAT = What About This

Questions to stretch your learning

GEM = Go the Extra Mile

Tasks that add pizzazz to your group’s work

Vocabulary List

Know these terms by using them in your presentation and while talking with your team members.  Quiz each other. All vocabulary words in found in the webquest link to the vocabulary list.

Links to resources on Process page

Links to websites for research provide great resources for information. Ask for help if you can’t easily navigate or find the information you need at each website you visit.

Cite your Source

Make sure you use the form provided (print out as many as you need) for each resource.

What your final project includes

Team sheet, animal description, habitat description, zoo information, animal drawing, presentation script, poster of animal habitat drawing.

Evaluation of your work

See the rubrics on the Evaluation Page