Animal Research Guide

Name ญญญญ______________________________

Animal _____________________________

Describe the animal's appearance. (Think: Does it have adaptations related to its appearance like sharp claws, special teeth, a special beak?

Where does the animal live? (Think: climate, terrain, country, altitude, kind of home)

Does your animal migrate? (Think: where? how does it get there? Patterns)

Does your animal hibernate?  (Think: where? how does it live while hibernating? when?)

What does your animal eat? (Think: carnivore, herbivore, omnivore)

How does your animal eat? (Think: hunt, teeth, time of day, how much)

How does the animal protect itself?  (Think: movement, claws, teeth, fur, armor, defenses, camouflage

How does your animal move?

List other facts you feel are important.