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Zoos are important for education and conservation and  bio-diversity. You have created safe habitats for seven animals in order to save City Zoo!

Animals all have their own habitat needs in order that they are healthy, live long lives, and have babies! When they live in zoos, animals need to live in habitats as similar to their natural habitats as possible to be happy and healthy. They need special diets that are much like their natural diets, fun and challenging activities in their day, and experts to handle and care for them. 

Have you ever been to the zoo? Here are a few close to you!

Beardsley Zoo (Bridgeport, CT)

Bronx Zoo (Bronx, New York)

National Zoo (Washington, D.C.)

WAT: What are your thoughts about zoos? Good for animals or not?

WAT: What would you want to do if you worked in a zoo? Check this out to learn more!