Tech Goals: Before and After
Tech Goals: Before & After (PDF)
Before I began the Master of Education program, I was fairly confident in my general technology skills. I was skilled using office productivity tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. I had experience using database managing software and had skills programming and using web editing software. My goal was to be able to use the technology skills I had and apply them to teaching, learn how to use SMART technologies, and gain a better knowledge base about information literacy for K-12.

During the first few courses of the program, I realized that the skills I had were useful for my own productivity but I had a lot to learn about educational technologies and information literacy for K-12 students. I also moved from K-12 to higher education in my career, so my tech goals now are more focused on educational technology and instructional design; enhancing teaching and learning in higher education which does not necessarily focus on the technology first. 

My tech goals are now focused on the following:

* Moving from instructor-centric, lecture-based teaching to learner-centric, interactive teaching.  This involves incorporating active learning principles along with lecture by using clickers, discussion board and collaborative tools, for example.
    * Using best-practice online teaching methods for all teaching regardless of the mode. This involves careful instructional design of the course including specific goals and objectives from which content stems, providing rubrics, models, a detailed syllabus including course schedule, and providing varied assessment opportunities from the first week through the last week of the course.
    * Acting as an early-adopter of technologies that are marketed for the classroom. This involves using the technologies, such as mobile devices (tablets, smart phones), new tools included in Blackboard and other learning management systems (journals, wikis, blogs, 'mash-ups' or being able to import multi-media into courses easily), clickers, etc., and determining the scope, usefulness, and feasibility of adopting these tools for teaching and learning.

~Lisa Tassinari, 2010

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Tech Goals:
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