EDT 666: Instructional Design
This is a survey course of the field of instructional design. Participants will learn fundamental instructional design concepts and processes. They will explore a range of instructional design theories and consider their relationship to learning theories. A number of instructional design models will be examined covering the period from the early 1900s to present day Web-based course instructional design. Topics covered in EDT 666 include, but are not limited to: Instructional Systems Design (ISD), rapid prototyping, needs analysis, learner characteristics, instructional strategies, and formative and summative evaluations.

Course goals from the class syllabus:

  • Understand the ID (instructional design) process.
  • Understand basic vocabulary including: ADDIE, Task Analysis, Needs Analysis, HPT, Evaluation.
  • Understand the difference between training and performance.
  • Apply the ID process to build training interventions. 
EDT 666 Sample Work: Project 3, Project 3 questions, Project 3 reflection
EDT 666 Reflection: First Class, Last Class, Final Reflection
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