EDT 665: Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology

This course provides students with a theoretical framework for innovative applications of technology to enhance learning. The course focuses on learning theories in relation to educational technology and the use of this information in planning models for educational change.

Course Description from online syllabus (R. King): 
This course is designed to provide an overview of Educational Learning Theories and how these theories drive the appropriate use of technology in the classroom. Beginning with classical and operant conditioning theories of the early and mid 20th century and moving to cognitive theories, social/sociocultureal theories, and more recent learning theories, the student will discover both the historical basis for learning theories, as well as how each learning theory can be applied to the modern classroom.

Technology use in the classroom, in support of the epistomology, theory of learning, and pedagogy of the instructor is a critical component of the modern classroom. Literature informs us that the use of various technologies to aid in student learning will not only increase exponentially in the coming years, but could well shape the educational policies and procedures of the future.

However, to be successful, technology use must be grounded on a solid theoretical foundation. This course attempts to convey this knowledge to the student and provide them the tools to use classroom technology to support their pedagogy.

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