EDT 635: Learning About Distance Education
This survey course will cover different aspects of telecommunications, teleconferencing, video, computers, multimedia, the WWW, and other technologies related to distance education. The students and professor will explore the research concerning the best methods of using distance education and some principles of implementing distance education within K-12 and higher education, business, and government institutions. Additionally, new and cutting edge technologies that contribute to this ever expanding field of education will be discussed and their relationship to the different forms of both synchronous and asynchronous distance learning and distance education using computer technology.

Objectives from the instructor:
This is a collaboratively conducted survey course which focuses on applications of distance education and how distance education can be incorporated into K-12 and higher education. We will explore the various synchronous and asynchronous educational technologies employed in distance education. We will also study various theories of distance education and the pedagogical practices that have proven effective in conducting courses and training at a distance. This course will be a blended course of 50% face-to-face and 50% distance education. What better way to learn about distance education than to experience it.
EDT 635 Sample Work:
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  3. Snapshot of Announcement Page from Blackboard course created to teach health science concepts (JPG). Please request permission to be added to the Blackboard course for further review of my work.
EDT 635 Reflection (PDF)
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