EDT 620: Telecommunications Across the Curriculum
This course will provide an in-depth experience with the educational resources of the Internet. Using hands-on activities students will develop expertise in integrating, managing, and developing strategies for using the Internet in the curriculum. They will learn to adapt Internet tools to effectively present curricular topics. They will establish criteria for evaluating and authenticating resources of the Internet. In addition, they will collaborate to develop ways to contribute to the educational resource of the Internet.

EDT620 was a hybrid course consisting of 12 discussion board forums and eight assignemnts based on the following topics:

  • Connecticut Frameworks and Use of Technology
  • Evaluating Internet Websites Using Learning Theory
  • Internet and Ethical/Legal Education Practices
  • Plagiarism and Citing Sources
  • Organization and Monitoring of Student Use of Internet
  • Research Using the Internet
  • Real-Time Date and Primary Resources
  • Webquests: Guided Internet Research
  • Teacher Webpages and Portals
  • Digital Video, Picture, and Music
  • Distance Learning and Video Conferencing
  • Social Networking and Blogging
  • Student-Parent-Teacher Communication and Reporting Data
EDT 620 Sample Work: Developing a Plagiarism Policy (PDF),  Save the Zoo! Webquest Link
EDT 620 Reflection (PDF)
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