EDT 618: What an Educational Technology Specialist Needs to Know
EDT 618 will investigate current and emerging topics that are relevant to a school technology specialist. Selected topics may include basic data networking concepts, new operating systems, the Open Source movement, Acronyms 101, basic troubleshooting, "cool tools", technology proficiency standards, user training, and demonstration of brand new technologies that will eventually impact the education world.

Syllabus Notes From Dr.Schatz:
During this semester, we will explore some of the things technology coordinators do, reach out to technology coordinators to hear their experiences, try to provide a grounding in some of the technical information, and explore methods for finding out information for this moving target.   

We will do this through:
1. Lectures 
2. Sharing resources that we all discover 
3. Discussing research and popular writing 
4. Each taking on a project to provide an introduction to an area of technology 
5. Sharing information through contributing to a web site. 
6. Building and carrying out a piece of professional development.

EDT 618 Sample Work : Tech Talk on MS Vista (MS PowerPoint slides) and handout, Final Project (PDF)
EDT 618 Reflection (PDF)
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Tech Goals:
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Work & Reflections
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