EDT 615: Educational Technology - Creating New Environments for Learning
This course is intended to enable students to explore the uses of technology to make needed changes in school learning. Bottom-up curriculum planning, cooperative learning, collaborative team planning, whole learning and situated (contextual) learning approaches will be investigated in relation to trends and potentials in the field of educational technology.

The topics covered in this course were designed to explore Web 2.0 tools as education tools. Topics covered:
  • Blogging; reflective learning.
  • iGoogle; provides a place to organize your Internet content.
  • Wikis; construct your own learning.
  • Podcasts, Vodcasts, and Vidcasts; different modes of learning.
  • RSS feeds and aggregators; make the most of the Internet and stream it to yourself!
  • Social Networking and Bookmarking; learning with and from each other.
  • YouTube, TeacherTube and Flickr; great resources for teaching and learning.
  • Custom Search Engines.
  • Webquests.
  • Web-based Tools such as Google Docs and Open Office.
  • Digital Story Telling.
  • Online Safety and Security.
  • Professional Development.
EDT 615 Sample Work: Link to Webquest (Celebrate America: A State Research Project for 5th Grade)
and a blog about Educational Technology

EDT 615 Reflection (PDF)
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