610: The Computer as an Instructional Tool
 Introduction to the use of the computer in the teaching-learning process. Topics will include the use of the computer as a tool and tutor. Students will become competent users of a wide range of educational computer software and will examine the issues and implications of computer use in classrooms.

  • Share a website (I shared iCONN.org)
  • Make a web site (this is it!)
  • Use Photo Paint to manipulate a couple of images (bee invasion and worried lady)
  • Create a Pluto PP story
  • Write a short story with/from illustrations (gumball story)
  • Research safety and online behavior
  • Data-Driven Decision Making (D3M)
  • Evaluate 3 different lesson plan sites (evaluation rubric created)
  • Final Project: Write a reflection paper and showcase your website!
EDT 610 Sample Work: Developing a Rubric for Websites (PDF),  Presentation on Bluetooth Technology (PDF)

EDT 610 Reflection (PDF)
Before & After
Tech Goals:
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Work & Reflections
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