EDM 554: Research and Statistics in Education and Human Services
Intended to provide skill in treatment of research data. Includes descriptive, correlational, and inferential statistics up to two-way ANOVA; some nonparametric statistics.
Descriptive Statistics Histogram, distribution curve, mean, median, mode, range, minimum and maximum
Standard Scores/Normal Curves Standard deviation and variance, percentile, z- and Z-score (population), t- and T-score (sample population)
Pearson r Correlation, line of best fit, slope, linear data, null hypothesis
t- Test Compares means: F-test, heterogeneous vs. homogeneous, 
Linear Regression Correleation over time
Spearman Rho Non-parametric statistics - ordinal data
Chi-Square Fairmenss between observed and expected
ANOVA/ANCOVA Analysis of variance,

EDM 554 Sample Work: Research Project (PDF)
EDM 554 Reflection (PDF)
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