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I usually put the states in a hat and have the students pick one at random. Here is a list you can use to cut and put in a hat or bag for learners to pick randomly.

State Names Chart

Below are some ideas to assist the learners with their projects. Remember to remind the learners to check the rubric for specific guidelines for each project.

Week One: Learners will write a letter to the department of tourism for their state to request information about vacationing there.
  • To help the students we used "Getting Started" (Requesting Information) from 1191 McDONALD PUBLISHING CO. - KNOW YOUR STATE. We have sample for the students to use.
Week Two:  Students will color and label a map of the state.
  • We allow the learners to trace a map.  We make copies for them to use.  We also show models for the learners to see. 
  • Learners will research the population of the states in their region and create a graph to show that information. 
  • The learners can create a graph of their choice.  They can use a bar graph or a picto-graph.
Week Three:  Students will create a T-Shirt or Travel Poster about their state that someone could buy if they visited it or what they could visit while traveling in the state.
  • We use a 12’ X 18’ piece of white construction paper for these projects. We leave it the long way for the Travel Poster, and for the T-Shirt we cut a neckline at the top and cut out short sleeves. We also hold the paper for the T-Shirt the long way.
Week Four:  Students will write a one paragraph persuasive post card to convince someone to visit their state.
  • We use a sheet of copy paper that is divided in half with lines for the essay on the right and a space on the left for the address. On the front the learners can create an illustrate a scene from their state.
Week Five:  The learners will prepare and practice their presentation of their state. Students can use any or all of the above projects as part of the presentation.