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Connie & Jarrod  On
The Road

Vernell, Duwaine B, Morgan, and Ryan Received SYTE Jersey's for making the honor roll in college


Esther Peggins, Sheila Cox, Jarrod, Connie and Jeanne Warren get ready for Black College Tour 

Ansley, Connie, Nikaki, Destinee and Ryan taking a Limo Ride to New York City

Jamaal on the sidelines watching his defense trying to stop Ithica College

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Jammal4.jpg (20900 bytes) Connie & Jarrod with Jamaal after the game

Visiting Janniel at AIC

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Lenise in her room at UCONN

Nicole in her room at UCONN

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Latecia in her room at Morgan State with a few friends





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