What Would You Do?

In this section we will give you a scenario of something that is happening to someone in college and you can post a message back regarding what that person or those people should do.

Scenario 1:  We have a young lady who met another young lady during the summer. They both decided that they needed new roommates for the upcoming year. Girl #1 (let's call her K) told girl #2 (lets call her M) that she wanted her boyfriend to move in with them and it would only be for 3 weeks because the two of them are going to get an apartment and M would have a single when she moved out. Now, here we are in the 1st semester and K and her boyfriend decided they can not afford to move out. M now shares the room with the two of them. K's boyfriend lives with them and is there all the time. M has to get dressed in the bathroom. She has to study in the library. K's boyfriend even has his friends come over and hang out in the room with them. M is fed up but doesn't want to hurt their feelings, but wants the boyfriend gone.

What would you do if you were M. Please write us back to let us know, cause M needs your help.

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