RESULTS FROM DARPA ASSIGNMENT By: Alex Domini, Anthony Edley, Andrew Studenki, and Margarita Oliverez.

The falcon HTV-2 is a high-speed, space-aged flying machine that can cover thousands of miles in minutes. Thishas a huge potential to affect our everyday life. Online shopping will be even quicker, organs and other vital health items can be shipped to wherever they need to be in record time, and defense from other countries' attacks can be easily blocked.  

If this became a part of everyday life, there would be a huge increase and import and export trading, making department stores obsolete.  Health items could save lives by how quickly everything is delivered.  On the downside, the falcon HTV-2 can be a very dangerous weapon if used by the wrong people, and would cause heavy pollution when in use.  

Below is a picture of the Falcon HTV-2.

It's a cool plane. Just picture it.