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The three projects for EDT696 each involve the creation of a teacher web site for your current classroom or work environment. (If you are not teaching at the moment then design the pages for a model classroom.) The objective of the three projects is to create a fully functioning web portal for your students, colleagues, parents, or school to use as resource to your classroom or department.

While this a series of assignments for one class, there is no reason why you can't actually use this developed site at your school assuming you have access to a web server. Educational technologists need to communicate electronically to model behavior that we desire others to follow. When teachers are questioned why they haven't created a web site, often the answer is a lack of time. I concur! Given that you made the commitment to take this course, here is your golden opportunity to get a cyber front door to your classroom or department.

While this is not a course on web page design, you can not ignore the content and design elements. However, your grade for these projects is based on demonstrating your mastery of the Macromedia Studio MX tools. Your object is to incorporate as many features as possible without going overboard.

Project 1: Dreamweaver is the first draft of the web site. You will design the layout, navigation, and text for the pages of the web site. You will add links and some images.

Project 2: Fireworks is a modification of the web site. You will add more graphics and redesign portions of the web site for stylistic and aesthetic purposes.

Project 3: Flash will add dynamic content to your site. Each web site will include at least one Flash movie.

Once complete, all three projects form your teacher web site.

Project 1: Dreamweaver

Step 1: Research

Begin your design by doing some research. Below are some links regarding style and content recommendations from both higher educations and K-12 school districts. Please read these sites. Additionally, do some research at your own school or work regarding any policy they may have regarding web page design. The below list in not exhaustive. You are welcome to do more research .

Powerpoint Slides on design elements for a Web Site
Las Positas College

Public School Districts Teacher Web Page Guidelines
Waynesboro School District
Greece Central School District
Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools
Amphitheather Public Schools

Essays on Developing Good HTML code
Composing Good HTML

Step 2: Storyboard

Use Inspiration to create a site map of your web site. You can download a 30 day trial of the software at

You web site must have:

For reference on exporting your Inspiration diagram to HTML please refer to

Step 3: Design Index Page

The index page of your web site is the store front. It is important that it is attractive, welcoming, and easy to navigate. In this version of the web site, all links should be text based. Fill in the index page text and leave space for added graphics in Project 2.

Step 4: Design Level 2 Pages

Design and complete Level 2 pages. You may reference Level 3 pages (which are not required for this assignment) but do not have them as links. (If you wish the develop Level 3 pages you may do so but remember that it is not required.)

Grading Rubric

Your index and Level 2 pages will be graded based on content. The more features that you incorporate the higher your grade. For example, pages with anchors and site map will get a higher grade than pages that do not incorporate these features.