Dreamweaver Lesson 3

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  1. Launch Dreamweaver and open the Lesson 3 folder.
  2. Open the index.htm file.
  3. Select the word Surfing in the unordered list beginning Featured Trips.
  4. In the property inspector click the folder icon to the right on the Link text box. A dialog box opens placing you inside the Lesson03 folder.
  5. Select the surfing.htm file to create the link.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to link the word Diving to the diving.htm file, the words Mountain Biking to the biking.htm file, the word Rafting to the rafting.htm file.
  7. Select the graphic at the bottom of the page.
  8. In the property inspector, key http://www.australia.com in the link box. You must key the complete URL, including http://
  9. With the bottom graphic still selected, click the arrow on the target box in the property inspector and choose "_blank".
  10. Save your changes and close the index.htm file.
  11. Open the map.htm.
  12. Select the map graphic.
  13. In the property map key the worldmap in the map text box as shown in the figure below. (If you don't see the Map text box, click the expander arrow at the bottom of the right inspector.)

  14. In the property inspector, select the "rectangle hotspot" tool.
  15. Drag around the words Hawaiian Islands. A translucent blue-green area appears around the words.
  16. In the the hotspot property inspector, select the "pointer hotspot". If you need to adjust the hotspot area, use the pointer and drag from one of the handles.
  17. Click on the source folder icon next to the link text box. Choose from the Lesson03 folder trips.htm.
  18. Select the large map graphic.
  19. In the property inspector, select he "oval hotspot" tool.
  20. Drag an oval around Australia, including the words Australia & South Pacific
  21. In the property inspector make the following changes:
    1. In the Alt text box, key Australia & South Pacific.
    2. In the Link text box, key http://www.australia.com. Make sure you delete the number sign (#) from the text box.
    3. Form the target pop-up menu, choose "_blank" to open a new browser window.
  22. Select the large map graphic.
  23. In the property inspector, select the "Polygon Hotspot" tool.
  24. To draw a polygon around the North America graphic, click at points (don't drag) that outlines the shape of the continent.
  25. With the hotspot created, click the folder icon next to the Link button. Select trips.htm from the Lesson03 folder.
  26. Open the trips.htm .
  27. Position the insertion point before the heading Hawaii - Multisport at the bottom of the document. (Make sure you haven't positioned the insertion point in the top navigation area.)
  28. From the common category of the Insert bar, clicked "Named Anchor".
  29. Key in hawaii for the name of the anchor.
  30. Scroll to the top of the trips.htm.
  31. Select the text Hawaii-Multisport.
  32. In the link text box of the property inspector, key #hawaii. (Don't forget the number sign (#) before the anchor name.
  33. Add another anchor before the Alaska Vacations headings and named the anchor "alaska".
  34. Select the words Alaska Vacations at the top of the document.
  35. Drag the "point to file" icon and point to the Alaska anchor you just created.
  36. Return to the map.htm file.
  37. Drag the "point to file" icon t the "Hawaii" anchor on the trips.htm page (make sure you can see both documents). When you release the mouse button, you should see trips.htm#hawaii in the link field.
  38. In the last paragraph of the index.htm, link the phrase "popular trips" to trips.htm.
  39. At the end of the last paragraph of index.htm add the sentence Our interactive map lets you traverse the globe. Use the property inspector to make sure the formatting of the new text matches the formatting of the old text.
  40. Link the word map to map.htm