Dreamweaver Lesson 2

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  1. Launch Dreamweaver and open the Lesson 2 folder.
  2. Create a new web page [File][New] and choose a basic HTML page.
  3. Save the new document as travel_log
  4. In the document title box name the page Compass Extreme Adventures.
  5. From the appearances menu, change the background color to #006699 and the text color to #FFFFFF.
  6. From the Common category on the Insert bar, click "Images". Located the lesson02 folder and select banner_head.gif
  7. With the graphic selected:
    1. Add the name banner in the image name field of the property inspector.
    2. Add Compass Extreme Adventure Tours in the Alt text box.
  8. Click to the right of the graphic and press "Enter" to start a new paragraph. Type in the text My Diving Travel Log, align left, heading 2, and font Verdana, Arial, Helvetica.
  9. On the Assets pane, click on the favorites button.
  10. Right click in the window and create a new folder called "Lesson 2".
  11. Click on the Assets, Site and select one of the diver graphics. Drag the diver to the document space under the the heading you created in step #8.
  12. Open the diving.txt file from the text folder inside the Lesson 2 folder. Select all of the text and copy. Close the diving.txt file.
  13. Click to the right of the diver graphic in travel_log document. Paste the text.
  14. Select the diver graphic and perform the following operations to add space and a border around the graphic. In the property inspector:
    1. Enter 15 in the H space text box.
    2. Enter 2 in the V space text box.
    3. In the border text box, enter 2.
  15. Add a blank paragraph brake at the end of the document.
  16. From the assets panel, site, find the fish graphic. Drag the image to your document.
  17. Highlight the fish graphic and perform the following operations:
    1. Align center
    2. Add the text Fish in the Alt text box
  18. To the right of the fish graphic, click and add the following text Check out some of the fish we saw.
  19. Select the fish graphic and:
    1. Add a 2-pixel border around it.
    2. Enter 15 in the H text book.
    3. From the align pop-up choose "middle".
  20. Add a blank line to the bottom of the document.
  21. From the common category of the Insert Bar click the small arrow to the right of the Media button, and then click "Flash Button". The Insert Flash button dialog box opens.
  22. Make the following changes:
    1. From the style pop-up menu, choose "Blue Warper".
    2. In the button text box, enter Return Home.
    3. From the font pop-up choose "Verdana".
    4. In the size text box enter 12.
    5. For "Bg Color" enter #006699.
    6. In the "Save As.." text book name the flash button home_button.swf. Click OK
  23. With the flash button selected, test it by clicking the "Play" button in the property inspector. Move your mouse over the button. Once done, click stop in the property inspector.
  24. Press Enter to add a blank paragraph at the end of the document.
  25. On the Assest panel, click "Flash".
  26. From the Site, select surfAd and drag it to the bottom of your document.
  27. Test the flash animation by selecting it, pressing play in the property inspector, and then clicking stop.
  28. Save your file and upload to the uhaweb server.