Dreamweaver Lesson 1

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  1. Launch Dreamweaver Studio MX 2004. If you don't have a copy you can download a 30 day trial version from Macromedia.
  2. Create a New local site
    1. Copy compass_tours folder from student CD to your class folder
    2. Launch Dreamweaver
    3. Create a site using [Site][Manage Sites].
  3. Pick a preview browser [Edit][Preferences].
  4. Open the surf_hawaii.htm page.
  5. Add a page title called "Hawaii - Surfer's Paradise".
  6. Select [Modify][Page Properties] and make the following changes (refer to the figure below):
    1. Change the background color to pale blue #CCFFFF.
    2. Change the font color for your text. Dark blue looks great.
    3. Change your link color to #003399
    4. Change your visit link color to #CC3333
  7. Add new text to the top "Hawaii - Surfer's Paradise". Perform a center align.
  8. Change the format to "Heading 3"
  9. Select the first six paragraphs starting with the word "Aloha" and perform a "text indent".
  10. Select the first two paragraphs and perform a "text outdent".
  11. Change the color of the four indented locations in order for them to appear highlighted.
  12. Select the four lines of text Sunset Beach, Oahu, Walmea Bay, South Shore, Oahu, and Pipeline. Make an ordered list of the four beach locations.
  13. Change the ordered list properties beginning with the text Sunset Beach. Change the style of the list to "alphabet small (a,b,c)".
  14. Select the text starting with East to southeast winds and ending with Water temperature at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Create an unordered list.
  15. Create a definition list. Select the text starting with Crest and ending with The time for a wave crest to travel one wave length. Create a definition list from the section highlighted.
  16. Bold the key word of each definition in the definition list you just made.
  17. Create a line break after Big Kahuna Surf and Swim Shop. Enter an address for the shop using line breaks: 1134 Paradise Lane; Hawaii, USA
  18. Select all the text and change the font to "Arial, Helevetica, sans serif".
  19. Add color #003366 to your assets favorites.
  20. Select all the text and change the color of all text to turquoise #006699.
  21. Add a horizontal Rule at the bottom of the text.
  22. Add a copyright notice at the bottom of the file ©2005, Compass Adventure Tours (Don't forget the copyright symbol)
  23. Add an email link beneath the copyright symbol.
  24. Insert a date stamp of when the page was last edited.
  25. Add a flash text item "Kawabunga", aligned centered, at the bottom.
  26. Post your page to the uhaweb site by using the Put command.