Court of Honors

Eagle Scout -

 Rich   is now an Eagle Scout


Court of Honor begins

Rich is awarded Eagle


Honoring Mother & Father



All Eagles present stand to be honored with the newest Eagle - Rich


Adding his name to the plaque, joining the list of all Eagles of Troop 202


Eagle Scout - August 23, 2008

 John earns Eagle Scout Rank!


Celebration started with a dinner at Camp Whiting



Friends and Family and fellow Scouts gathered for the Court of Honor


Honored Guests ( including Mayor of West Haven) spoke while John and others listened attentively




Awarded Eagle and honoring Father and Mother as well





Thanking those who helped him along the road to Eagle



CELEBRATE an amazing accomplishment - CONGRATULATIONS JOHN!


Eagle Scout - August 6, 2008

Chris soared to Eagle Scout Rank!

Opening Ceremony


Each speaker either had a special passage to read or had some personal recollections and congratulations to give



Parents and Scout honored



Troop 202 and Closing Ceremony



Court of Honor - June 2008


Scout Master, Chick, honored for 35 years of service to Scouting



Opening ceremonies to the Court of Honor & Awards




Eagle Scouts of Troop 202 recognized





Honoring our Troops in Iraq 

Troop 202 took up a collection to send to Our Troops in Iraq



Eagle Scout - January 10, 2008

 Pics coming soon

In honor of his son's Eagle Rank achievement, James's dad, W. Izzo, wrote this poem:

Another Eagle Soars

I decided to write this poem in rhyme,
To tell of James' journey over time,
For this is about a man whom everyone adores,
And from this moment on, another eagle soars.

The road to eagle came about,
From James' beginning as a young scout,
The next title attained was so well put,
He was labeled by all- a tenderfoot.

A couple of more years came to pass,
As he achieved second and then first class,
For he had come really quite far,
When he arrived at the next level called star.

He continued with additional hard work and strife,
To attain the level that scouts call life,
And finally with all that is brilliant and regal,
Our son James became an eagle.

For this journey that he so diligently achieved,
And accomplishing this task in which he truly believed,
We all need to shout it to James out loud,
That your parents, scout leaders and friends are so proud!

 So, thank you all for taking this tour,
And remember that this new eagle will continue to soar,
Because of the support that you gave him too,
We'll forever be grateful for Troop 202!


EAGLE Scout - January 22, 2007

BRIAN   and his accomplishments along the path to Eagle



Each speaker either had a special passage to read, or, like his sister, had some personal recollections and congratulations to give



Parents and Scout honored


Presenting the official Eagle Scout


Adding his name to the Troop 202 plaque of Eagle Scouts

Standing with other Eagle Scouts present

The proud new Eagle with family, friends, and distinguished guests


EAGLE Scout - September 14, 2006










CONGRATULATIONS Sean for a most awesome accomplishment!



Court of Honor - September 2006

Troop 202, Family, and friends gather to honor all scouts receiving patches, merit badges, and rank.
Colors advance to get started then candles are lit as the 12 points of the Scout Law are read

Rank and Merit Badges are awarded



Order of the Arrow recipient is recognized




Court of Honor - March 2006


Rank Awarded



Merit badges presented




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