Project Two – A performance intervention

The goal of the project is to compare and contrast your initial work if your task is to develop a performance intervention instead of a training intervention when you do not know the intended audience.

The purpose of this assignment is to have you observe the decisions you make when designing this instruction. Whenever you make a choice, first, realize it is a choice and next, reflect upon why you have chosen a specific task, skill, approach, method of testing.
There is no correct way. The purpose is to provide a means for reflection.

You will choose one of the four very vague and large tasks listed at the bottom of the page.



You will design a performance intervention.



You want to improve performance.
You want to lay out how you will gather information.
You must begin to define what information you want.
Imagining what you might find, generally define the types of interventions.
Try developing one or two.

How would you assess the success?
Beyond that, you may decide to or decide not to:  
  define your students,
specify goals

You may chunk the task however you wish, but within your chunking, please try to build something that is complete (so you can follow the entire process). I encourage you (but do NOT require you) to consider using a method outside of your comfort zone.

NOTE: This assignment is purposely vague and the time is purposely short so that you do not try to “do it right”, but instead we get to see the different ways that each other attack this problem.


Choose one of the four tasks below:

  1. Helping the Weaver tech academy teachers to integrate technology

  2. Using CorelDraw

  3. Being a digital citizen

  4. Use of an online database for workers in homeless shelters