Project One – A training intervention

The goal of the project is to try to quickly develop a piece of instruction when you do not know the intended audience. The purpose of this assignment is to have you observe the decisions you make when designing this instruction. Whenever you make a choice, first, realize it is a choice and next, reflect upon why you have chosen a specific task, skill, approach, method of testing.

There is no correct way. The purpose is to provide a means for reflection.

You will choose one of the five very vague and large tasks listed at the bottom of the page.


You will design a training intervention.


  You must teach something.
You must define, at least in part, your happy place.
You must have some activity for the students.
You must have some way of judging what the students have learned.
Beyond that, you may decide to or decide not to:  
  define your students,
specify goals
use any specific teaching method (you will use some method(s))
describe how what you build would “nest” with other pieces of instruction

Do try to build a complete training intervention. Because the tasks are large and vague, you cannot, obviously, teach the entire task. You may chunk it however you wish, but within your chunking, please try to build something that is complete (so you can follow the entire process). I encourage you (but do NOT require you) to consider using a method outside of your comfort zone.

NOTE: This assignment is purposely vague and the time is purposely short so that you do not try to “do it right”, but instead we get to see the different ways that each other attack this problem. The biggest challenge is in choosing a project that approaches what you want to teach.


Choose one of the five tasks below:

  1. Good design of PowerPoint for effective communication.
  2. Ethical behavior.
  3. Using CorelDraw
  4. Scientific reasoning
  5. Being a digital citizen