many paths to an end

Filling empty heads or many paths to an end?

EDT 666

Instructional Design (not a plaything of Satan)

Spring 2009

empty heads behind the glass

 Information for Print Project and Cook and Brown reading on 2/24/09

Steve Schatz 768-4277

Basic Docs


Class Lectures

Syllabus All the Schatz chapters are available here PowerPoint Lecture

Most of the readings are on blackboard What is ID 1
Your thoughts - First and Last   What is ID 2

Test as doc

Test as page

CB Test 2009 Task and Needs Analysis - Working together
Cook and Brown Test  Considerations of Cook and Brown Demonstrating Williams
Task Gen Y Needs Analysis
Print project Clark 9-14 HPT
ID Model Project Gathering Info Evaluation
Process Project PBL  Powers of Media
Example of video, performance support, camtasia, text in hybrid Out of control students  March 24 - About analysis
CBT Project Williams and Design
Final Project Description