CBT Project 15 Points, Due 4/28


  • Go through the process of Analysis, Design, and Development
  • Gain experience with either Camtasia or Video as a performance support tool
  • Focus on performance support as opposed to training
  • Use PowerPoint as an authoring tool

What to think about

  • Performance support is a help function - it provides information and some teaching.
  • An essential difference is people use it when they have a problem, so you should spend a lot of time thinking about 1) What problems may arise and 2) how to make it easy to find the answer (this is where most help systems fail).
  • Try your solution out with other people. "If you were scanning and nothing happened, would you like a walk through of the process? What words would you look for?
  • I suggest using a task that is computer related (so you can use camtasia) and you already know the target audience and the task - like the scanning project, so you can focus on the new development tools and the design of the tool.

Building tasks

  • Think about and test menu designs. Map it out on paper first!
  • Remember that the PowerPoint will be a "book" on a computer, so you can and should use small text - be creative - maybe have a slide of problems and a slide of words. Try having a slide of large ideas that goes to a second menu and THAT takes you to the camtasia or video.
  • For three or four of the small (remember performance support is supposed to focus on the solution to a specific problem - so small pieces) problems, make a camtasia or video support piece, 
  • Build your menu slides in PowerPoint (remember to test them on another computer to make sure the movies are packaged correctly). Put in the interactivity. Test it on others to make sure they can 1) get back home 2) go back to the last menu they used
  • Deliver this either on a web page or a CD

Turn in:

  1. CD or URL 
  2. Storyboard or interaction plan (this can be very rough - pencil and paper) done BEFORE building
  3. Reflection including 1) Target population 2) Supported tasks 3) Decisions - how you decided to lay it out as you did and any feedback/testing you did


  1. Design of interaction - up to 5 points
  2. Development of PP and movies - up to 5 points
  3. Reflection - up to 5 points
Updated 3/18/09